Exercise 2: Choose True or False according to the reading section / Ejercicio 2: Elige Verdadero o Falso de acuerdo a la sección de lectura

Students can make fire

Students can pick flowers

Students can throw the trash in the trashcan

Students can play safe games

Students can shout

Students can go to far places

Exercise 3: Change the sentences into negative or positive (the opposite) / Ejercicio 3: Cambiar las oraciones a negativo o positivo (lo opuesto)



Don´t pick flowers Let’s pick flowers
Don´t climb trees
Don’t shout
Don’t make fire
Don’t worry

Exercise 4: Consider the text to complete the sentences / Ejercicio 4: Considera el texto para completar las oraciones

  1.   with your group!
  2.   safe games!
  3.   Do  trees!
  4.   make fire!
  5.   Do  flowers!
  6.   go far places!
  7.   people in the forest!

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