Exercise Module 5.1.4

Welcome to your Exercise Module 5.1.4

Fill in the gaps with the connectors below. after / after that / although / as soon as / because / because of / before / however / once / so (x2)

1  I arrived home, I put on my pajamas and I lay down on the sofa. I was exhausted and I wasn’t very hungry, 2 I decided not to have anything for dinner. I just got a glass of milk from the fridge. 3 , I lay on the sofa and I turned on the TV 4 I wanted to watch a film. 5 , there was nothing interesting on TV. I decided to go to bed, 6  I wasn’t very sleepy.  Once I was in bed, I remembered that I had to take my medication. I can’t sleep well at night 7 my insomnia, 8 I always take a sleeping tablet 9 I go to bed. 10 taking the sleeping tablet, I went back to bed and I could finally sleep

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