Exercise Module 5.3.3

Welcome to your Exercise Module 5.3.3

Choose the job that goes with the sentence you hear.

1.- He really enjoys preparing food at the Italian restaurant.

2.- My father teaches math at a university in our hometown.

3.- I now work downtown at a bank using software programs to manage their financial records.

4.- She carries a gun for protection as part of her job.

5.- The man will explain all of the historical sites on your trip.

6.- Maria works at a clothing store helping customers find what they need.

7.- He'll stop near the next light, and you can get off there.

8.- The woman took my order, but the food hasn't come out yet.

9.- The man said that my car wouldn't be ready until tomorrow because he hasn't finished repairing the problem

10.- My sister enjoys working for the airlines, but traveling so much and assisting passengers all day on long flights can be tiring.

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