Exercise Module 7.1.2

Welcome to your Exercise Module 7.1.2

Complete the dialogue with phrases below

sounds good

was brilliant

Was it good

can’t stand her

not that bad

loved it

Jack: Oh! Hi Gemma. How’s it going?

Gemma: Oh. Hi Jack. Have you just seen Tornado Express too?

Jack: Mm … no. I saw Friends Forever with my sister.

Gemma: Oh!

Jack: Pff … no, not really. It was boring. But Molly liked it. She loves that kind of thing. What about Tornado Express? Was that good?

Gemma: Yeah, it !
 Really exciting and the special effects were so good!

Jack: Sounds cool.

Gemma: Yeah, I

Jack: I really want to see that film, Double Revenge. Have you heard of it?

Gemma: Oh, yeah … with Jessica Foster? Ah, I
! She’s so annoying!

Jack: Really? Do you think so? She was good in that film Maximum Risk.

Gemma: Oh, I haven’t seen that one. OK, maybe she’s

Jack: Well, maybe we should check out Double Revenge together some time.

Gemma: Yeah, that

Jack: All right, great.

Gemma: See you later.

Jack: OK, yeah. See you.

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