Exercise 1 Modulo 4.4.1

Exercise 1: Match the job with the correct workplace writing a letter in the box / Ejercicio 1: Une el trabajo con el lugar de trabajo correcto escribiendo una letra en la casilla

1.  Waiter A)  Police station
2.  Judge B)  Hospital
3.   Pilot C)   Office
4.   Secretary D)   Bank
5.   Doctor E)   Fire station
6.   Accountant F)    Court
7.   Firefighter G)    Plane
8.   Police officer H)    Restaurant

Exercise 2: Choose the correct job for each definition / Ejercicio 2: Elige el empleo correcto para cada definición

This person helps sick people and works in a hospital
This person helps students and works in a school
This person knows the law very well
This person can build
This person can cut or style your hair

Exercise 3: Complete the mind map with the words in the box / Ejercicio 3: Completa el mapa mental con las palabras de la caja

Works with people
Works with food
Works with animals
Works with transportation

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