Exercises Modulo 1.3.6

Match the sentences:                                                                                                                                            

1 What's your name ? A Hello
2 How old are you ? B I am English
3 What's your nationality ? C I am twelve years old
4 Hello? D I am from England
5 Where are you from ? E I am fine
6 How are you ? F My name is Tom

Select the correct answer

1. A phrase/question used to ask somebody what their job is, is

2. When a person says 'nice to meet you', you answer them by saying

3. A formal way to tell somebody what you are called, is

4. A phrase that is used to start an introduction, is

5. A phrase/question used to ask somebody if they work in a certain company, department etc..., is

Describe some of you childhood memories and past habits using the used to + infinitive form. Make 10 sentences.

Compare the public transportation services of your city. Which one do you use the most and why. Write 5-10 lines.

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