Exercises Modulo 10.1.2

Exercise 1: Listen the conversation and choose the correct answer / Ejercicio 1. Escucha la conversación y elige la respuesta correcta

How is the weather during the conversation?

What is coming off the sea?

What says Tom is today topic?

In the survey, talking about the weather was…

What is one of the first things Mark’s parents say when they talk with him?

How’s the weather in the UK?

How’s the weather in Spain?

Exercise 2: Listen and fill the gaps / Ejercicio 2: Escucha y llena los espacios en blanco

What are you ?

- I’m .

are you doing?

 - We’re .

What Mary and  doing?

 -    English.

Tom doing?

- He’s

What’s Martha ?

- She’s .

What’s doing?

- It’s

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