Exercises Modulo 10.1.3

Exercise 1: Look at the pictures and answer the following questions / Ejercicio 1: Observa las imágenes y responde las siguientes preguntas

a.    How’s normally the weather in your hometown? (sunny, stormy, rainy)
b.    What are you doing now? (reading a book, cooking dinner, watching tv)
c.    What are your family favorite activities on a rainy day? (sleep, sweep, read)
d.    How do you think is the weather like in Canada? (gloomy, rainy, sunny)
e.    Is it snowy today in your town? (yes it is, no it isn’t)

Exercise 2: Look at the picture an think about 5 ongoing activities that you can do and 5 activities you can’t do on a sunny day and explain / Ejercicio 2: Piensa 5 actividades en marcha que puedas hacer y 5 que no puedas hacer en un día soleado y explica

Example:  You can be watering the plants, walking the dog, running outside, because when is sunny you can do things outside.

Example You can not be: sweeping the whole house because it is too tiring.

Exercise 3: There are 6 countries choose and write about how’s the weather in those places / Ejercicio 3: hay 6 países , elige y escribe sobre cómo es el clima en esos lugares

Spain: it is sunny most of the time
London: It is rainy by December







Exercise 4: Look at the pictures and rewrite the correct description below each picture / Ejercicio 4: Mira las imágenes y reescribe la descripción correcta debajo de cada imagen

It is raining cats and dogs outside!
 It’s too cold! The blizzard was too strong!
The weather is too overcast to go fishing
It is so windy, even my umbrella broke!

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