Exercises Modulo 10.1.4

Exercise 1: Find 10 words related to the weather in the word search / Ejercicio 1: Encuentra 10 palabras relacionadas al clima en la sopa de letras

Exercise 2: Read and analyze the text / Ejercicio 2: Lee y Analiza el texto

Exercise 3: Complete the sentences with the words from the text / Ejercicio 3: Completa las oraciones con las palabras del texto

Spain is a  country.

The temperatures occur during the months of December, and February.

The months of June, , August and are the  and driest.

At this time of year there are still many days.

is not a  country.

Exercise 4: read again the text and choose the best answers / Ejercicio 4: Completa las oraciones con las palabras del texto

When does the coldest temperatures occur?

Which is the best season for visiting Spain and why?

December to March are the hottest months?

Exercise 5: Look for the synonym of the word in the text / Ejercicio 5: Busca el sinónimo de la palabra en el texto

Very hot

Very cold


12th month of the year

Kind of flippers shoes

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