Exercises Modulo 10.3.2

Exercise 1: Listen the audio and write / Ejercicio 1: Escucha los audios y responde

Audio 1
Is it a good news?

The girl looks sad.

What happened?

Mary says that’s …

Audio 2
How’s Mary?

She has bad news.


What happened?

What did he say?

Audio 1
Is it about good news?

The girl looks really happy.

How is she?

What happened?

He said that’s …

Audio 2
The guy looks…

What happened?


That’s …

Exercise 2: Listen to a fragment of a news report, read the transcription and connect the words in the box with the sentences / Ejercicio 2: Escucha un fragmento de un reporte de noticias, lee la transcripción y conecta las palabras de la caja con cada oración

"Good evening, I'm Jed West and this is the six o'clock news. Headlines..

London has won the race to host the Olympics in 2012. Estonia has elected a new president. Hurricanes Maxwell and Nelly have struck the east coast of America, in particular the Florida Keys. Thousands injured. Manchester United have signed the prodigious young talent, Brillinho, from Sao Paolo for a record €42 million. Chi Chi the panda has given birth to twins in Berlin zoo.

Officials announced early this morning from Singapore that London beat Paris in the race to host the 2012 Olympics. Many people had expected Paris to be the city honoured with the Olympics, but in a surprise twist London, following the eliminations of New York, Moscow and Madrid, emerged as victors. Spokesman Georgia Smith said "It's a great day for London, for England and the United Kingdom. We will make this an Olympics never to be forgotten."

The performance of London against Paris was .

Did you hear that London host the Olympics in 2012? That’s .

What a event had to face America.

How for Brillinho to be signed in Manchester United.

How that a panda had twins!

What a situation for those injured people.

Hurricanes’ disasters are just .

It’s so that London wants to make that event unforgettable.

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