Exercises Modulo 10.3.3

Exercise 1: Use the expressions to give good and bad news to complete what they are saying / Ejercicio 1: Usa las expresiones para dar buenas y malas noticias para completar lo que dicen

That’s terrible! - That’s cool! - That’s amazing! - That’s sad!

You won’t believe this but my uncle gave me a jet!

There’s no easy way to say this. Your dog died, I’m sorry!

I’m really happy to inform you that we’re having a baby!

I'm afraid I've got something sad to tell you, I’m moving too far away.

Exercise 2: Choose the right adjective for each sentence using the options / Ejercicio 2: Escribe el adjetivo correcto para cada oración tomando en cuenta las opciones

I heard you lost your job, that’s _______

How ______ is my team playing football!

Your relationship is _____.

Your car looks so new, that’s ______.

She is happy because she got a _____ score in her test.

The concert was cancelled, what a _____.

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