Exercises Modulo 10.4.3

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets / Ejercicio 1: Completa las oraciones usando los verbos en paréntesis

  • Let’s go shopping I  some new clothes (need/buy)
  • I  some new pairs of jeans (need/get)
  • I a princess dress for my Little daughter’s bday (want/buy)
  • I  anything in color black, it is not in trend! (not need/buy)
  • I  that old dress! It’s old-fasioned! (not want/wear)
  • Do you  new running shoes? (need/buy)
  • He  suit and tie at the wedding (has/wear)
  • I  my uniform ar work (have/wear)

Exercise 2: Classify the questions in the chart according to the diagram / Ejercicio 2: Clasifica las preguntas en el cuadro de acuerdo al diagrama


Exercise 3: Rewrite the answer with the correct question / Ejercicio 3: Re escribe la respuesta con la pregunta correcta
  • I have to wear a helmet and boots
  • I like to wear designer clothes
  • I want to wear my new outfit
  • Yes I do, I need to get some sneackers

  1. What do you want to wear tonight?
  2. What kinds of clothes do you wear at work?
  3. Do you need to buy new shoes?
  4. What do you have to wear at work?

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