Exercises Modulo 10.4.4

Use the simple future on the verbs in brackets, and fill the space with the correct answer.

I ______ you move your things tomorrow. (help)

The bus ________ at 3:00 p.m. (leave)

You ________ my friends next week. (meet)

We ________ pictures in a few minutes. (take)

Jim ________ some flowers on the way home. (buy)

They ________ the movie with us. (see)

The office ________ you an email on Monday. (send)

My mom ________ some cookies for us later. (make)

I ________ some new clothes this week. (get)

Our team ________ the game. (win)

Add the correct modal to the prediction:

  1. People develop telepathy in the future (impossible)
  2. The space explorers find water on Mars (probable)
  3. Regular trips to space be available in the next century (possible)
  4. One day they find life on other planets (slightly possible)
  5. We   ever know everything (impossible)
  6. It be sunny tomorrow (probable)
  7. It be cloudy in June (possible)
  8. It rain in May (slightly possible)

Which sentence is correct?






Use the present perfect for the answer

  1. I (fly) in a plane.
  2. I (eat) crocodile.
  3. I (be) on stage.
  4. We (give) blood.
  5. She (meet) a famous person.
  6. I (visit) a safari park.
  7. I (learn) another language.
  8. I (witness) a crime.
  9. He (break) a bone.
  10. I (hold) a snake.

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