Exercises Modulo 10.4.4

Exercise 1: Read the following text and choose the correct answer / Ejercicio 1: Lee el siguiente texto y elige la respuesta correcta

Who needs to try on the dress?

What clothe does she need to try on?

He suggests the clothe is for a ______event

He is buying and looking for clothes at a _______

He wants to buy a ___ that matches with his personality

Exercise 2: Rewrite the missing parts of the text / Ejercicio 2: Reescribe las partes que faltan del texto original

My girlfriend this dress on. I  if it’s the right one for her, I something that fits her. She one like this at the wedding so I  one for her.

In the same clothes store I am trying to find a tie that I’d like to buy, but I don’t anything with flowers or plain. I  something that matches with my personality. I don’t have enough ties to fill my collection but my mom says I have enough and that I shouldn’t buy more.

Exercise 3: Read the following dialogue and answer / Ejercicio 3: Lee el siguiente dialogo y responde

  • Assistant: How can I help you today?
  • Luisa: Yes, how much is that skirt?
  • Assistant: It's a bit expensive, it’s $40.
  • Luisa: Can I try it on?
  • Assistant: Yes, sure. What size are you?
  • Luisa: I don't know.
  • Assistant: Ok, try a size 10.
  • Luisa: Where’s the fitting room?
  • Assistant: The fitting room is over there.
  • Luisa: Oh, it didn’t fit. Do you have it in a bigger size?
  • Assistant: Yes, here you are.
  • Luisa: That’s awesome, Thank you!
  • Assistant: How was it?
  • Luisa: I'll take it. It fits great.
  • Assitant: How wonderful! Are you paying cash or card?
  • Luisa: Card, of course. Thanks a lot! Have a good one.

How much is she paying?

Is she paying with cash or card?

Is she keeping the same size?

Is she buying a bigger skirt?

Where is she trying on the skirt?

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