Exercises Modulo 11.1.1

Exercise 1

Complete the sentence with the correct word

  1. I prefer saccharin    white sugar.
  2. I don't want to go to the park. I'd rather     inside.
  3. I like trekking in the mountains, but I prefer  on a sandy beach.
  4. I'd rather go in summer in fall.
  5. I'd rather come with you here all alone.
  6. I prefer to travel by plane by train.
  7. I usually have coffee, but today I'd prefer tea, please.
  8. I'd prefer to read for a while   TV.
  9. I'd rather you here with me and the kids.
  10. She   to stay in a hotel tonight.

Exercise 2

Choose the correct option for each missing verb in each of the following sentences. Should, ought to?.

Let us remember that should indicates more of a subjective opinion and ought to reflects a rather objective truth, an obligation.


a) They follow the rules, or they will get the consequences.

b) The doctor suggest you not eat so much meat.

c) I think you study more than you do.

d) According to the law, dogs not enter the building.

Exercise 3

Complete the sentence with the word that gives it the correct meaning.


1) ____ you help me with my french exam?

2) You ____ Read the dryer instructions carefully or your clothes will shrink.

3) We ____ take an umbrella. It seems that the sun is very strong

4) ____ you always be late?

5) I ____ love to go to the beach this August.

6) She ____ train harder if she wants to break the record.

7) Rock climbing ____ be dangerous.

8) ____ I wear a fancy dress for the party?

9) They ____ to work harder.

10) You ____ play videogames when you should be studying.

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