Exercises Modulo 11.1.4

READING EXERCISE 1 - Read the descriptions of the customer and fill the gaps with the vocabulary of this lesson.

A: Welcome to Live Store, how can I help you? 

B: Thank you. I’m interested in some accessories, but my English is not good.

A: Ok. Just describe what you need so I may help you.

B: Oh, well, I need something nice to wear on my ears, my neck, and my wrist.

A: Ah, you mean , a  and a ! , take these! 

B: I also need a bag for ladies to take my things with me and one for my husband. 

A: Ummm, you mean a ! This will suit you and for your husband a .

B: Oh, it's pretty! I would like too something to protect my neck and hands from cold.

A: What you need is a  and some , lady.

B: Oh, and next week I’m going to Florida, so I will need something to protect my eyes and head from sunlight.

A: Well, I would recommend you some  and a .

B: Thank you very much. How much is it?

A: It is $90.

READING EXERCISE 2 - Write the number of the accessories mentioned in the short paragraphs:

I like dressing in a fresh colorful outfit inspired by spring and decorated with buds and sprouts, so I’ll buy the violet flower earrings, the pink pretty necklace, and the flowered convenient purse.

I really like looking good, I would prefer that chic black bow tie that matches perfectly with this black and white purse and with these cute dotted shoes. Oh, and don’t forget the beautiful silver bracelet that goes very well with the metallic earrings.

Oh, well, I like wearing in a relaxed, but fashionable way, so I can mix styles. For example, I would buy those adorable red shoes, the shiny purple purse and I think they match beautifully with these aquamarine earrings.

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