Exercises Modulo 11.2.1


Can or can’t?

1. I’m not from China, I ______ speak Chinese.

2. What places ____ we visit in your city?

3. This museum can be interesting, but you ____ take pictures.

4. ______ you visit Everest in December?

5. The Masonic Temple is forbidden, you _____ enter without permission.

7. She goes sightseeing wherever she ______ get amazing pictures.

8. _____ you bring me some souvenirs from your trip?

9. You ___ visit the North Pole in winter, you would be frozen!

10. Why ____ you take pictures at the museums?


Check which of these sentences show ability, possibility, request, or permission:

1. Where can I find the best restaurants in the city?

2. Can you touch the sculptures at the museum?

3. My mom can cook a lot of types of food.

4. Can you take a picture of us?

5. He can talk for hours about his trip.

6. Can we visit the higher tower of the castle?

7. In the shopping district, you can find beautiful shoes.

8. I think I can swim across the river.

10. Can you give me a brochure of the tour?


Read the following sentences. Are they right or wrong?

1. Do you can understand Japanese?

2. I can’t go sightseeing this year.

3. It cans be a beautiful landmark to visit.

4. You can take the city tour to learn more about us.

5. They can show you the way to go to the monument.

6. In any part of the world, you can to do sightseeing.

7. He stops where he cans try the local cuisine.

8. Can’t you take me with you to the amusement park?

9. Does she can visit the temple?

10. Where can you to fish in the region?


Identify the following attractions:

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