Exercises Modulo 11.2.2

1. - How much time does this sightseeing tour take?

2. - What can you do for sightseeing during this tour?

3. - According to the tour guide, where is the heart of Peru?

4. - What did the tour guide learn from this sightseeing tour?

Complete the following text with expressions below:

Why do we like  so much? 
I think it’s because we want to see all we learned about when we were at school. I remember learning about the Pyramids in Egypt and really wanted .

Many years later I did. I was one of the thousands of  who crawled around the Pyramids on a hot, Cairo day. I learned after that  early in the morning. That way you  before the  have even woken up.

It’s lovely to have a  all to yourself in the morning. There are so many . It’s difficult to know where to begin, or where to go next. I want to go and see . Early in the morning, of course.

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