Exercises Modulo 11.3.1

Exercise 1

Complete the expression that corresponds to each sentence from the box

Sentences Expression
1. I think that movie is _________ boring
2. She looks _________like a pirate with that outfit
3. Do you think _________ we could go to lunch early?
4. I wouldn't worry too much about that _________thing
5. She is _________ called Maria like her mother.
6. Her story was _________sad
7. They said it was a country house but it was more of a _________ranch.
8 I _________ your age is around fifty-something.
9. This tastes like strawberry or raspberry, _________.
10. _________ no one will come to the meeting.
11. I _________ we should have a softer dinner
12. I _________ she came out very sad
13. . I slapped him on the back, _________celebration, but he didn't say a word.
14. The children will _________ come exhausted from karate.
15. I _________ it's best to go home
16. I _________ they're not coming anymore, it's late
17. She _________ her son is a star
18. He _________ his brothers are very tall
19. That food was _________ bad for me.

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