Exercises Modulo 11.3.1


Indicate the correct category for the following reference points by writing the corresponding category number in the box

Niagara's Falls Mount Fuji Empire State Taipei 101
Cave of Altamira Lincoln Memorial The Arch of Triumph
The Smithsonian The Louvre The Great Barrier Reef
Machu Pichu Acropolis of Athens Westminster Abbey
Gateshead Millennium Kilimanjaro Mount Everest
One World Trade Center Trafalgar Square The Shard of Glass
The Petronas MoMA Chichen Itza
The Zocalo City of Petra Central Park Bull
Rome's Colosseum The Golden Gate The Hermitage
Taj Mahal Mount Rushmore The Burj Al Arab


1 Monuments
2 Skyscrapers and Towers
3 Archeological Sites
4 Natural Landmarks
5 Bridges, Parks, Squares and Statues
6 Museums and Art Galleries
7 Temples, Churches and Cathedrals


Match the names of the following international landmarks according to their position in the picture:

The Brooklyn Bridge Santorini Cliff Eiffel Tower The London Eye
The Rialto Venice Bridge The Caribbean Sea Rome’s Colosseum The Sistine Chapel Ceiling
The Empire State Building The Lost City of Machu Picchu The Arch of Saint Lucas Cape The Great Sphinx OF Giza


Do you recognize these important landmarks?
Which of these landmarks are located in English-speaking countries? (Indicate it by writing in the box YES or NO)

La Sagrada Familia
(Barcelona, Spain)
Angkor Wat
CN Tower
(Toronto, Canada)
Tower Bridge
(London, England)
Washington Monument
(Washington, USA)
St Basil’s Cathedral
(Moscow, Russia)
Petronas Twin Towers
(Kuala Lumpur, Malasya)
Lincoln Memorial
(Washington, USA)
Arch of Triumph
(Paris, France)
House Opera and Harbor Bridge
(Sidney, Australia)
The Brandenburg Gate
(Berlin, Germany)
Lotus Temple
(Delhi, India)

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