Exercises Modulo 11.4.1

Exercise 1

Rewrite the following sentences using Past Simple or Past Perfect after wish

  • Dani does not speak German

  • I didn’t meet my friends at the cinema

  • Camila broke her mirror

  • I feel confused all the time

  • I didn’t leave a message to him

  • My mother is angry with me

  • George fought with his best friend

  • Marcus didn’t prepare for the test

  • I am not as tall as you are

  • My friend Henry lives far from me

Exercise 2

Complete the following sentences to give the corresponding meaning to the letter

Dear Mom,

I feel really unhappy now! I wish I  this job. If only I    to you before I made the decision to come here. l wish the people here   so unfriendly. I don't like it at all! If only I  longer breaks. Looking at a computer screen all day is tiring; I wish my computer   ! And I wish my boss   yelling at me all the time. He's always in a bad mood. It's so annoying! Also, I wish there   someone here I could talk to but there is no-one I can talk to. I haven't made any friends. If only I   some friends when I arrived here, but meeting new people is very difficult. I wish you   nearer to me. If only I   ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ you more often!

Please write soon. I miss you!



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