Exercises Modulo 11.4.1


Check the following statements and decide if “kind” is used as a noun, an adjective, an adverb, or for answering:

Be kind and bring me some coffee.

They sell all kinds of things in their store.

It was kind of confusing with all that people around.

Paris is the kind of city I would like to visit.

I kind of love her, but she is too problematic.

I met a lot of kind people on my trip.

What kind of problems worry you?

The people of that town are very kind to tourists

Yes, kind of, it could be worst anyway.

New Zealand is a kind of far destination.

Well, kind of, it rained sometimes during the trip.


Complete with the following statements with kind or kind of


Oh, it is very  you! 

Where can you find this  beautiful beaches?

Try to be  to everybody!

What  destination would you like to visit?

With  words you can do much more.

These places are  crowded.

He is the  person that doesn’t like to travel in winter.

That wasn’t a very  thing to say.

It can be  dangerous to travel to some countries.

That trip is  expensive.


Check the use of extreme adjectives and the expression “kind of” in the following statements. Mark the incorrect ones with an "X" and the correct ones with a "C".

    My family is kind of tired after the journey.
    Wow, New York is kind of huge.
    Tokyo is kind of big.
    Your car is kind of filthy after the offroad trip.
    Going to Chernobyl is kind of scary.
    Indian food is kind of delicious.
    They are kind of exhausted for the trip.
    We should stop soon, I’m kind of hungry.
    Visiting Auschwitz is kind of terrifying.
    We always get kind of dirty after hiking.
    Italian food is kind of tasty.
    I’m kind of starving, bring me something!

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