Exercises Modulo 11.5.4

I - Select the answer that completes the sentence


They___________keep off the crevice, or they will fall.

I wanted to go on, but the doctor told me____________

What_________________,have some coffee now or wait until lunch ?

Don't push me.____________ one thing well, than many wrong.

I don't like them at all. I'd rather____________with them.

I think you'd better_________________in this weather. You will catch a cold.

Really, I'd rather _______________what I think about his last novel, he would kill me

I'd rather sleep for a while_____________keep on working like mad

Who______________go to London instead of doing the skating evening ?

The teacher said we_____________learn the present first and then go on to the past.

II - Choose the correct options to complete the sentences.

The scouts in my school were sure to visit the flooded town, the condition ---- was not known.

My sister Ann had always wanted to go to a place ---- she could speak her native tongue.

Human food may be very harmful for some animals, ---- is why they won't let us feed the animals at the zoo.

I am from a suburb in Chicago, ---- many successful companies such as Boeing and McDonald's are headquartered.

He came for the weekend wearing only so me shorts and a T-shirt, ---- was a stupid thing to do in such a cold weather.

Virginia, ---- is said to be quite beautiful, is the home of many senators and representatives now.

The large limousine ---- was loaded with students up to the limit was stopped by the police.

Crossing Death Valley, ---- temperatures reach well above 110 Fahrenheit, was a near insurmountable task for the early pioneers.

III - Chosse the correct answer to make the 2nd conditional.

1. If Paul ...... a car, he ...... it every day.

2. If Carol ...... a cat, she ...... it Monty.

3. I ...... very happy if I ...... Japanese.

4. Joe and Sally ...... Zoe if they ...... her number.

5. If I ...... her some money, she ...... it all at once.

6. He ...... at the Sheraton if he ...... a poor man. (not stay, be)

7. If I ...... a car, I ...... to work.

8. If you ...... a lion in the street, what ......?

9. If I ...... stronger, I ...... you to carry the piano.

10. They ...... stupid if they ...... him about their secret.

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