Exercises Modulo 12.1.2


Listen to the three conversations and answer the following questions:

1. - According to the first conversation, whose pencil is it?

2. - According to the second conversation, who likes the jeans?

3. - Which shirt does the girl like?

4. - Who likes the blue shirt?

5. - Does the guy like the green shirt?

6. - According to the third conversation, how many items does the guy buy?

7. - What does the guy buy?

8. - Which is the cheapest item?

9. - How much is it to buy one coffee maker, five plates and ten spoon?


Listen again to the conversation and complete with “this, that, these or those”.

Conversation 1

Man: Is  your book?

Woman: Yes,  is my book.

Man: And is  your pencil?

Woman: No,  is not my pencil.

Man: Whose pencil is it?

Woman: I am not sure.


Conversation #2

Man: I like  jeans.

Woman: I like  too.

Man: Do you like  shirt?

Woman: No, but I like  shirt?

Man: The blue one?

Woman: No, the green one.

Man: Hmm, I don't like  color.

Woman: Really, I like it!


Conversation #3

Man: How much is  coffee maker?

Woman:  is ten dollars.

Man: And how much are  plates?

Woman: are five dollars each.

Man: What about ?

Woman:  spoons are one dollar each.

Man: I'll take them all.

Woman: Sold!

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