Exercises Modulo 12.2.1

Exercise 1

Complete with the name of the corresponding person according to the cinema vocabulary.

  1. He is responsible for everything that happens in the films from start to finish.


  1. He tells everybody what to do and shouts, “Cut!”


  1. They are the famous roles in the film for they acted out the script.


  1. He writes the story of the movie.


  1. This person is responsible for the film sets and props.


  1. He sets up the camera shots.


  1. This person takes the sound and the film and cuts together into a film.

Exercise 2

If you have learned the types of movies in English well, then you will have no problem finding the definition of the exercises in the table below:

*Martial *Arts *Comedy *Adventure *Romantic Comedy
*Horror Film *Detective stories *Romance *Animation *Action Movies *Science Fiction

  1. Movies that focus on solving crimes.


  1. Movies that feature judo, karate, etc.


  1. They are like action films but they exist in exotic places like movies about pirates.


  1. Films of people finding each other and falling in love.


  1. Films that generally make you laugh.


  1. Sweet films that include romance and funny moments as well.


  1. Are sometimes cartoons and use graphics to make elaborate stories of adventure, comedies and more.


  1. Movies in which the heroes have lots of battles, stunts.


  1. A film that features monsters and aims to make you scream and be afraid.


  1. Are set in the future and often feature many elements of adventure.

Exercise 3

Write the corresponding verb or phrasal verb, but one of the phrases allows two.

  1. She in the new science fiction film. She got the main role.


  1. The actress was always in the set. There was no dull moment for us.


  1. She the whole movie in French, which is not her first language.


  1. The child started when she didn’t get the toy that she like.

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