Exercises Modulo 12.2.3

Writing Exercise 1

Convert the following sentences to English with the correct verb in the simple past

  1. José pintó su casa la semana pasada -
  1. Mariana bailó mucho en el cumpleaños de su hermana -
  1. Jaime atrapó una serpiente cerca del rio -
  1. Rosa enseñó a leer a sus niños cuando tenían 4 años -
  1. Elisa se puso mal del estómago porque comió muchos frijoles -
  1. Juan bebió tanto tequila que lo tuvieron que llevar al médico -
  1. Ella tiene un pensamiento de niña -
  1. El viaje a Colombia estuvo divertido -
  1. Señor Gao Xingjian, podría deletrear su nombre? -
  1. Ana soñó ser pianista desde niña -

Writing Exercise 2

Fill in the gaps with the Simple Past verb

1.- He must have been thirsty. He almost all of the water I . (drink, bring)

2.- When I was a teenager I never attention in class so I study a lot on vacation. (pay, have to)

3.- He a letter which me very happy. (write, make)

4.- Where are you from? – I in Canada but I’ve moved to Colombia recently. (grow up)

5.- When we he for the first time, we that he was an honest person. (see, know)

6.- Don’t you have a lot of work to do? – No, the manager me some helpful information so I finish the project last monday. (give, be able to)

7.- What did you do this morning? – Well, I down the street and some time in the park. (go, spend)

8.- She all the way down to see her family but as soon as he arrived, he noticed that they had gone on christmas. (drive)

9.- When the cat the birds, it jumped into the three to catch  them. (hear)

10.- Have you seen Anne today? She her hair last week and now it looks very funny. (cut)

Writing Exercise 3

Read the following text, write n the box the correct verb in simple past. Verbs cannot be used more than once.




Went or Spoke









  1. Mr. and Mrs Smith their house last week
  2. Yumey is an excellent English teacher. She six classes yesterday
  3. Mateo is very happy. He The lottery
  4. Harry and John have a hangover. They a lot of wine last night
  5. Oscar D´León in Mexico two months ago
  6. Alice is crying. She played volleyball and she   the match
  7. You are terrified. You a strange noise
  8. Mary and I to the Hollywood last year, and we English all the time
  9. My aunt me a present for my birthday
  10. The class at 11 o´clock
  11. We    many letters to our friends when we were in China
  12. Cyntia of her grandmother

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