Exercises Modulo 3.2.2


Read the following text and answer the questions

Every summer Ed and Nancy Reed take a car trip. This year they are going to Texas. They always have to leave early in the morning. The night before they go, Ed Reed always washes the car windshield. He checks the battery under the hood. He also checks the headlights. Usually, he fills the gas tank. Nancy Reed packs the suitcases. Their children; Emily, Sophie and Ted pack their toys. Then Ed packs everything in the trunk of the car.

On the day of the trip, everyone is always very excited. Emily and Sophie sit at the back of the car. Ted sits in the car seat between the two girls. Everyone wears a seat belt. Nancy alwaysdrives first.

Everyone is ready. Why aren’t they going? Yesterday Ted forgot to get gas!

Where are Ed and his family going this summer?

When does Ed wash the car windshield?

What does Ed check before they go on a car trip?

Who packs the toys?

Who drives first?

When do they leave the house?

Where does Ted sit?

What does everyone wear?

Why are they not leaving early?

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