Exercises Modulo 3.4.2


Read the following story, then answer the questions. The questions are meant to be answered in any way, so ask your teacher for its appreciation.


Kelsie is getting ready for picture day at school tomorrow. She knows that she wants to wear her red shirt. Kelsie realizes that her red shirt is in the laundry basket on her floor. It is not clean. She decides that she needs to do a load of laundry.

Kelsie takes all of her white clothes out of the basket because she does not want them to be put into the same washer as her brightly colored clothes. Last time she put a red shirt into the washer with her white socks and it turned her white socks pink! Kelsie takes her basket of colorful clothes and puts them into the washing machine. Kelsie adds laundry detergent and turns the dial to start the machine.

When the washing machine is done it stops making noise, that is how Kelsie knows her clothes are clean and ready to be dried. Kelsie moves her clothes from the washer to the dryer. Then, she adds one sheet of fabric softener and closes the dryer door. The clothes take one hour to dry.

The dryer stops and Kelsie takes all of her clothes out. She uses a hanger to hang all of her shirts and folds her pants. This helps to keep the wrinkles out. Kelsie is glad that she did her laundry. She can wear her red shirt for picture day tomorrow.

1) What chore will we be learning about?

2) When should you do your laundry?

3) What do you do with clean laundry after it comes out of the washing machine?

4) Why do you think you should fold or hang your laundry after it is clean?

5) Is it important to have clean clothes? Why or why not?

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