Exercises Modulo 3.4.4

Exercise 1: Read the text about Marty’s job. Then, answer the exercise / Ejercicio 1: Lee el texto sobre el trabajo de Marty. Después, responde el ejercicio

Exercise 2: Choose true or false according to the reading / Ejercicio 2: Elige verdadero o falso de acuerdo a la lectura

1. Marty is a bus driver in New York City.

2. Marty Works six days a week

3. He Works from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm.

4. Most passengers are shy

5. Marty hates his job

Exercise 3: Read the text about Zafir’s daily transportation. Then, answer the exercise / Ejercicio 3: Lee el texto sobre Zafir y su rutina de transporte diario. Después, responde el ejercicio

Exercise 4: Complete the sentences with the Reading information. Use the word bank / Ejercicio 4: Completa las oraciones con la información de la lectura. Usa el banco de palabras


Portland Oregon

take the bus

a car

ride my bike

is expensive

1.- I live in

2.- I don’t have

3.- I to school

4.- I to work

4.- When it rains, I to work

5.- In Zafir’s opinión a car

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