Exercises Modulo 3.5.3

Exercise 1: Write the opposite gender in each line / Ejercicio 1: Escribe el sexo opuesto en cada línea




Exercise 2: Write the family type for each word. (immediate family, in law family, relatives, step family) / Ejercicio 2: Escribe a qué tipo de familia pertenece cada palabra. (familia inmediata, familia política, parientes o familia reconstituida)

Father in law ________________ 

Step sister __________________ 

Brother _____________________  

Sister in law ________________  

Nephew ____________________  

Son __________________________

Daughter ___________________  

Grandmother _______________ 

Step mother ________________ 

Step father _________________ 

Exercise 3: Complete the sentences and write the relationship between The Simpsons’ family. Use the word bank / Ejercicio 3: completa las oraciones y escribe las relaciones entre la familia de los Simpsons. Utiliza el banco de palabras
sister brother granddaughter mother grandparents
siblings children wife daughter-in-law daughter

Bart is Lisa's

Marge is Homer's

Selma is Ling's adoptive

Maggie is Marge's

Patty is Selma's

Bart and Lisa are Maggie's

Bart and Lisa are Marge's

Maggie is Jackie's

Marge is Mona's

Clancy and Jackie are Bart's

Exercise 4: Using the Simpson’s family tree, rewrite the sentences using the genitive possesive ‘s / Ejercicio 4: Usando el árbol familiar de la familia Simpson, reescribe las oraciones usando el posesivo genitivo ‘s

1.- Bart is the brother of Lisa :

2.- Marge is the wife of Homero :

3.- Patty is the sister of Selma :

4.- Lisa is the daughter of Marge :

5.- Lisa and Bart are the siblings of Maggie :

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