Exercises Modulo 3.6.1

Exercise 1

Match the responses with the appropriate apologies.

Expressing Apology
1.    Please accept my apologies for the mistakes in the report.
2.    I would like to apologize for shouting at you yesterday. I was very nervous. I completely lost control on myself.
3.    Excuse me! I didn't realize this was your seat.
4.    I'm ashamed of not coming to your wedding ceremony!
5.    Please, accept my apologies for stepping on your foot!
6.    I must apologize for not bringing your book back.
7.    I’m really sorry, Pete, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
8.    I’m really sorry for breaking your Blu-ray!
9.    Sorry for drinking all the orange juice!

Accepting apology
a. That's quite all right. Yesterday you were really in a hysterical state!
b. Don’t worry about that.
c. No problem. I won't need it until next semester.
d. It doesn't matter. Next time try to make sure there are no spelling mistakes.
e. Never mind. I’ll try to find another one.
f. Don't worry about it. All my friends came. It was a fantastic ceremony!
g. That's OK! I think there is another bottle in the refrigerator.
h. That's all right. In fact, the bus is very crowded
i. No harm done. I have got another new Blu-ray.










Exercise 2

Fill in the blank with the appropriate words to make an apology.

• I must to Ben for my late arrival. (sorry – apologize – pardon)

• I’m for my bad results at Chemistry. (happy – ashamed – forgive)

• It’s me who was responsible for that problem. It’s all my (work – plan – fault)

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