Exercises Modulo 3.7.4

Exercise 1: Have a look at this weekly planner and answer the questions. Remember to use the prepisition ON and It’s or They are / Ejercicio 1: Observa la planeación de esta semana y responde las preguntas. Recuerda usar la preposición ON y It’s o They are.

Example/Ejemplo: It’s on weekdays , They are on Monday and Friday.

  1. When is the dentist’s meeting? → 
  2. When is the English Class? → 
  3. When is the musical concert? →
  4. When are the tennis classes? →
  5. When is the meeting with friends? →
  6. When is the dinner at the Italian restaurant? →
  7. When is the Spa appointment →
  8. When is the cinema planned? →

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