Exercises Modulo 5.2.2

Exercise 1:  These sentences contain an error, find it and then write it correctly

1. What to go about can we do this difficult problem

2. Anne but it all didn't expect such a party, went along perfectly

3. This place goes back to 1910. Pretty new, isn't it?

4. I my grandparents cannot go against and I have to respect their decisions

Exercise 2:  Use some of the phrasal verbs seen in the lesson to indicate actions that you have performed. Make at least 5 and send them to your teacher.

Exercise 3: Read the following sentences. Fill in the blanks with the respective verb Go/Get.

1. Mary is through difficult times at the moment. She needs us.
2. Thet managed to around the problem by calling the supervisor.
3. She is for the highest score in the SAT exam this year.
4. I left my phone on the cinema but I it back from the staff office.
5. We will by with the small salary we make in our jobs.

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