Exercises Modulo 5.5.3

Exercise 1: Write can (+)  or can’t (-) according to the sign / Ejercicio 1: Escribe can (+)  o can’t (-) de acuerdo al signo  


I  swim. (+)

You draw. (-)

He  cook. (+)

She  walk. (-)

It  jump. (+)

We  ski. (-)

Exercise 2: Reorder the words to create a sentence / Ejercicio 2: reordena las palabras para crear una oración


1 - Ennis can words understand my 

2 - mother speak   six   My  can   languages ! 

3 - math good    want   I  be  to   at   

4 - swim for  Robert   minutes  can   thirty 

5 - she not   english  at  very   is   good  

Exercise 3: Write a sentence for each picture using the words given. Remember to use the verb in ING and the verb TO BE / Ejercicio 3: Escribe una oracion por cada imagen usando las palabras proporcionadas. Recuerda usar el verbo en terminación ING y el verbo TO BE

She /bad at/ sing
They / Good at /cook
I / Good at/ sew
They / Good at/ dance 
She/ bad at/ play /the piano
He/bad at/ride/ his bicycle

Exercise 4: There is a mistake underlined. Re write the correct sentence / Ejercicio 4: Hay un error subrayado. Re escribe la oración correcta

you can play tennis? 


We is very good in science! 


she cans cook dinner for us 


You can good at cooking food 


He cans sing beautiful 


you are bad at swim 

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