Exercises Modulo 6.1.1

Exercise 1: Choose the correct day of the week / Ejercicio 1: Elige el día de la semana correcto

Today is _________, tomorrow will be wednesday

Today is saturday, tomorrow will be ________.

Today is ______, tomorrow will be saturday.

Today is tuesday, tomorrow will be ________.

Yesterday was _________, today is friday

Yesterday was Saturday, today is _______

Yesterday was ________, today is Tuesday

Yesterday was Friday, today is _______

Exercise 3: Choose the correct answer according to the picture / Ejercicio 3: Elige la respuesta correcta de acuerdo a la imagen

Juan is in _____ place

Carmen is in _____ place

Oscar is in _____ place

_____ is in fourth place

 Mario is in _____ place

_______ is in sixth place

_______ is in seventh place

Ana is in ______ place

_______ is in ninth place

Jessica is in ______ place

Exercise 4: Write in the box A or B, according to the abbreviated date / Ejercicio 4: Escribe en el recuadro A o B, de acuerdo a la fecha abreviada



10/05th/2016 MAY OCT
10 5
05/08th/2013 AUG MAY
5 8
09/03rd/1992 SEPT MARCH
3 9
08/01st/1751 AUG JAN
1 8
11/12th/1857 DEC NOV
11 12

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