Exercises Modulo 6.1.2

Exercise 1: Listen to the audio and write down all of the countable and uncountable nouns vocabulary you can hear.


Exercise 2: Fill the gaps with the right countable or uncountable noun.


Yesterday, I had dinner with my family. When my mom came home from work and my sister came home from soccer practice, we sat down to eat.
My dad cooked a delicious meal. He made , and and for dessert we had and . I always have fun having dinner with my family. We enjoy the food and we can talk about our days at work and school.

Exercise 3: Listen to the following conversations and fill the blanks with some/any/much.

Man: Do you have paper?
Woman: I have , but not .
Man: How do you have?
Woman: I have about 10 sheets of paper.
Man: That is plenty. I just need five sheets.
Woman: OK, here you go.

Man: Do we have eggs?
Woman: We have . Maybe three eggs.
Man: OK, and do we have cheese?
Woman: No, we don’t have cheese.
Man: Oh, that’s too bad. I want to make an omelet.
Woman: Well, I can go to the store and buy .
Man: No, that’s OK. I’ll just have toast.

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