Exercises Modulo 6.1.2

Conversation 1

What days does the girl work?

What day she does not work?

What days does the guy work?

When is the man free?

Conversation 2

When is the party?

When is the game?

Conversation 3

Fill the schedule according to the girl’s classes (English, math and history class) / Llena el horario de acuerdo a las clases de la chica (Inglés, matemáticas y la clase de historia)


Man: What days do you have English class?
Woman:: I have class on Monday and Thursday.
Man: When do you have math class?
Woman:: I have maths class every day.
Man: Ooh, what about history class?
Woman:: I have history class on Wednesday.
Man: Wow, you have a busy schedule.
Woman:: I know!







Conversation 4

When are they planning to play soccer together?

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