Exercises Modulo 6.1.4

Exercise 2: Answer true (T) or false (F).

a. Some people have developed eating habits.

b. Eating soup every day is a good habit.

c. You need to create a plan in order to create a new eating habit

d. Eating fruit as a dessert is a good habit

e. You can’t change a habit

f. It’s never too late to make improvements

Exercise 3: Choose the best fit for each sentence.

a. How  (many/ some/ much) salt do you put in your (coffee/ eggs/ yogurt)?
b. Would you like (any/ some/ many) water?
c. Is there (any/ much/ many) chocolate that you really like or do you prefer (soup/ meat/ fruit)?
d. How (many/ much/ any) garlic (glasses/ cloves/ bars) are you using?
e. (much/ some/ any) apples are red, (much/ some/ any) are green. Are there (much/ many/ any) purple apples?

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