Exercises Modulo 6.1.4

Exercise 2: Enumerate the months in the order mentioned in the text / Ejercicio 2: Enumera los meses en el orden mencionados en el texto

September, October and November

March, April and May

June, July and August

December, January and February

Exercise 3: Choose true or false according to the information given / Ejercicio 3: Elige Verdadero o Falso de acuerdo a la información proporcionada

The text mentioned months of the year

The text is about nationalities

February is a cold month

June is dark and crowded

August, September and October are rainy months

May has fresh days

Exercise 4: Complete the chart with the information from the text / Ejercicio 4: Completa el cuadro con la información del texto



They are too cold, dark and crowded

June, July and August

Are too rainy, sad and lonely

March, April and May

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