Exercises Modulo 6.2.2

Exercise 1: Listen the audio and fill the gaps.

Waiter: Hello!   you?
Dad: Hello! I would like , please.
Waiter: . Please follow me! Here's a table for four.
Dad: Thank you! , please?
Waiter: Yes, of course. .
Dad: you!
Waiter: Can I get you?
Dad:   for me.
Mom: I'll a lemonade.
Girl: I’ll have a .
Boy: I’ll have .
Waiter: Great! I'll be right back.
Waiter: order?
Dad: Yes, we are. the grilled chicken and a salad.
Waiter: Would you like , sir?
Dad: Yes, the vegetable soup.
Mom: , I'd like the vegetable soup.
Mom: For the the grilled fish.
Girl: I’ll have the chicken soup and .
Boy: I’ll have the , the grilled fish and salad.
Waiter: Excellent! .
Girl: It smells !
Boy: I'm so hungry and , but the soup is so hot, I can barely touch it.
Mom: Wait for it to cool down
Dad: Grilled chicken , doesn’t it Paul?
Boy: Yes dad, it does, .
Dad: _ your lasagna, Amy?
Girl: I love it, it’s my .
Boy: How’s , mom?
Mom: It's excellent. I'm so glad we came to this restaurant. pass me the salt, Paul?
Boy: Here , mom.
Mom: Thank you.
Waiter: Did you enjoy ?
Dad: Yes, it , thank you.
Waiter: Would you like ?
Mom: Yes, for dessert, ice cream, please.
Girl: I’ll have the cake.
Boy: I’ll have .
Dad: I'll have the cake, please.
Mom: Everything looks great! Let’s eat the !
Boy: Dad, I'm thirsty, I would like to .
Dad: me!
Waiter: Yes, sir, how ?
Dad: bring my son a glass of water, please?
Waiter: Yes, !
Dad: .
Waiter: Can I bring you ?
Dad: No, thank you, just .
Waiter: Okay sir, I'll with the bill.

Exercise 2: Watch the video and answer.

Where are they?

What did she order?

She wants the food…

How was the taco?

The girl doesn’t like

How often does the boy go to eat fast food?

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