Exercises Modulo 6.2.3

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences with going to (negative or positive)  / Ejercicio 1: Completa las oraciones con going to (negativo o positivo)


On Mother’s day , Sally give a present to her mom(+)

My brother wear a costume on Children’s day (+)

I have a birthday party this month (-)

They cook on Thanksgiving day(-)

I take pictures on my birthday(+)

- On july 4th, she  watch fireworks in the sky (+)

- In December he buy a christmas tree (+)

- He have a Valentine’s day dinner (-)

Exercise 2: write the correct holiday on the line to complete the sentence. Use the word bank / Ejercicio 2: Escribe la celebración correcta en la línea para completar la oración. Utiliza el banco de palabras


on Thanksgiving day

on July 4th

on Valentine’s day

on Christmas

on Mother’s Day


I am going to make a special card for my mom

You are going to buy presents for the kids

He is going to get married

We are going to cook a delicious turkey

They are going to watch Fireworks

Exercise 3: There is a mistake underlined, correct and re-write the sentence on the line / Ejercicio 3: Hay un error subrayado, corrige y reescribe la oración en la línea

I am going to taking some photos

They is going to order a pizza for dinner

We are yes going to play football tomorrow

Paul going to is get a summer holiday


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