Exercises Modulo 6.3.2

Exercise 1: listen to the dictation with parts of the body vocabulary and write the answers / Ejercicio 1: Escucha el dictado con el vocabulario de partes del cuerpo y escribe las respuestas

Exercise 2: listen to the woman’s body description and complete the sentences with the missing words / Ejercicio 2: Escucha la descripción del cuerpo de la mujer y completa las oraciones con las palabras que faltan

Below my hair is my . I have two . I have eyebrows and . Below my eyes, I have a . My is below my nose. I have . If I open my lips, you will see my and my tongue. Below my mouth is my . On the sides of my head, I have two . My are on either side of my nose. My holds up my head.

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