Exercises Modulo 6.3.4

Exercise 1: Choose the correct answers accroding to the text / Ejercicio 1: Elige las respuestas correctas de acuerdo al texto

1.- What parts of the body are mentioned in this text?

2.- Biting your nails is…

3.- What are the habits to take care of your body?

Exercise 2: Read the text about the mouth and complete the blanks with the red words / Ejercicio 2: Lee el texto acerca de la boca y completa los espacios con las palabras en rojo

Teeth - Mouth - Swallow - Tongue - Bite - Kiss - Breathe - Taste - Speak - Chew

The is so useful. With it you can to call somebody, you can if you want to show affection, you can if you need to defend yourself, you can also new flavors, you can  if you have too much saliva in it, and you can   big loads of food. Inside you can find your always moving and tasting and there are also your to eat. You can even  with it if you have a problem with your nose!  So I think this is the most important part of the body.

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