Exercises Modulo 6.4.1

Exercise 1: Choose the health problem in each picture / Ejercicio 1: Elige el problema de salud en cada imagen

Exercise 2: Look at the pictures and select the word to complete the sentences / Ejercicio 2: Mira las imágenes y selecciona la palabra para completar las oraciones

I have ________ 

I have ________ 

I have ________ 

I have ________ 

I have ________ 

Exercise 3: read the sentences and choose the correct option / Ejercicio 3: Lee las oraciones y escoge la respuesta correcta

I haven't sleep in three days. I think I might have ________.

Drinking water is one way to get rid of ________.

The baby ________ a fever, so they took him to see the doctor.

The doctor told me I ______rash.

After Will fell off his bike, he broke his ________.

I ________ my leg when I was playing basketball.

Drinking tea with honey can help ________.

It's Spring, and my allergies make me ________.

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