Exercises Modulo 6.4.4

Exercise 1: According to the text answer TRUE or FALSE for each sentence / Ejercicio 1: De acuerdo al texto responde VERDADERO o FALSO en cada oración

1. There is a cure for the common cold.

2. There are 22 different cold viruses in the world.

3. Heat in your body kills viruses.

4. Congestion means your head feels hot.

5. Some people eat chicken soup to feel better when they have a cold.

6. Scientists always think taking medicine is good when you have a cold.

7. Bodies work hard to try to get rid of viruses.

Exercise 2: Read the conversation between Susu and Sia. Then, answer the questions / Ejercicio 2: Lee la conversación entre Susu y Sia. Después, responde las preguntas.

Sia had a flu

Sia feel __________today

Sia feels …

The doctor suggests …

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