Exercises Modulo 6.4.6

1. Correct the grammar mistakes within the countable and uncountable nouns/ Corrige los errores de los sustantivos contables e incontables.

a. I ate two egg this morning.
b. I need rices to make lunch for tomorrow.
c. They want a buter to spread over the toast.
d. She eats a lot; first three sandwich , a couple sausage and four orange .
e. I don’t like to put many salt on my food but I always put many sugar.
f. How many candy did you eat?

2. Put the food where it belongs




3. Write the partitives to complete the sentences

a pinch of
a bar of
a stick of
a cup of
a bowl of
a head of

a. I bought cabbage to cook it before dinner.
b. We only need cinnamon for this recipe.
c. She had cereal for breakfast.
d. salt and a bit of sugar and it’s done!
e. They asked for coffee a couple minutes ago.
f. I want the biggest chocolate I can find.

4. Chance the sentences to questions using how much or how many

5. Watch the images and order the food at the restaurant
4. Chance the sentences to questions using how much or how many

6. Connect the questions (letter) with the right answer (number), writing correct (letter-number) in the boxes
A How many are in your party?
B Do you want the combo meal?
C Would you all like to order now?
D Are you ready to order?
E How would you like your eggs cooked?
F What drinks would you like?
1 I want my eggs sunny side up and add some toasts
2 I would like a lemonade, please
3 I’ll have the combo meal and some extra fries
4 We are six people
5 We haven’t decided yet, can we take a couple more minutes?
6 Yes, I’m ready to order an appetizer now


7. Put the sequence in order in the timeline, writing the right letter in the boxes

1) --> 2) --> 3)   4) --> 5) --> 6)   7) --> 8) --> 9)

8. Write the name of the following places to eat or drink

9. Read the conversation and fill the blank spaces with how much or how many

Waiter: Good afternoon. are in your party?
Customer: Good afternoon. Just the two of us. Can we have water, please?
Waiter: Yes, of course. water bottles?
Customer: Bring three, .
Waiter: Would you like to see the menu? should I bring?
Customer: Yes, please. Just one. We’d also like bread.
Waiter: Sure! Would a coffee?
Customer: Yes.
Waiter: sugar should I put on it?
Customer: Two tablespoons are ok. We the Caesar salad and the fried chicken with fries.
Waiter: salads?
Customer: Just one.
Waiter: Perfect! !

10. Choose the right phrase for each sentence

a. I don’t like skirts so a skirt.
b. She said to her boss that  if he wants to keep her.
c. He asked me if I wanted wine or water and I told him that .
d. I ordered chicken but now .
e. dessert you had last time, but less sweet.
f. I’m ok, right now.

11. Watch the pictures and write sentences for each

12. Add some or any as needed, take in consideration the hints in parenthesis.

a. Have we got   tea? (I have no idea)
b.   worker will tell you that they don’t have enough money (it doesn’t matter which one)
c. We’ve got   ideas, but we still need a plan.
d. She bought   sugary desserts.
e. You can buy beer at   bar (it doesn’t matter which one).
f. Can I have   more fries? (I expect you will say ‘yes’)
g. Did you buy   milk? (I have no idea)
h. I can speak   English but I still don’t know   French.

13. Read the text and analyze.

Writing a restaurant review

While the main goal of a restaurant review is to persuade readers to visit -- or to avoid -- a particular food establishment, it's also a valuable exercise in using sensory details to whet your readers' interests and appetites. A good restaurant review advocates for the needs of potential customers and provides feedback the businesses may use to improve or evaluate their service. By providing balanced criticism and vivid descriptions, you can invite readers to experience the restaurant's atmosphere and cuisine for themselves.

1) Describe the mood: Describing its overall atmosphere (size, background music) can demonstrate the sights, sounds and smells of a visit. Giving a clear picture of the restaurant's mood and ambiance can help readers decide whether it fits their needs.
2) Evaluate the service: Describe your interactions with the host and waiters, including whether they were polite and courteous, how well they answered questions about the menu and how quickly you received your dinner and drink refills.
3) Feature the food: Your review should include the variety of offerings, prices and how much food you get for what you pay. Use specific details to relate the quality of the food, such as its spiciness, texture and appearance.
4) Take care with language: Because you want to capture the experience of eating in the restaurant, use the second person point of view, or the pronoun "you," to make your review more immediate and personal.

Answer True (T) or False (F):

a. You have to be mean to write a review.
b. You have to also evaluate the service.
c. You can provide feedback to the business.
d. You should only say how much food costs.
e. You have to include offerings.
f. You have to complain about the service.

14. Watch the pictures of different places to go eat, give them a name and write a short review of each, whether positive or negative depending on the stars they have.

15. Reorganize the sentences to make them right.

a. need/ to eat/ something/ now/ I/ sweet

b. ordering a lot/ salad/ they/ can/ of fast/ are/ but/ eat/ food/ only/ I

c. check/ meal/ our/ we/ as/ got the/ finished/ we

d. I/ restaurant/ hated/ the new/ the food/ Colombian/ at

e. yesterday/ they ordered/ meals/ my/ my father/ out/ and/ of spicy/ mom/ went/ a/ and/ lot

16. Connect the description (NUMBER) with the right word (LETTER).


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