Exercises Modulo 6.5.3

Exercise 1: Read the following recommendations and write the correct medicine or treatment / Ejercicio 1: Lee las siguientes recomendaciones y escribe la medicina o tratamiento correcto

If you break a leg or an arm you should wear:

If you have a rash on your skin you should put on:

If you are coughing to much you should take:

If you get a cut you should cover it with:

If you have a big pain you should take:

If your eyes are dry you should get:

Exercise 2: Read the health problems and give a suggestion using the sentences from the bank / Ejercicio 2: Lee los siguientes problemas médicos y sugiere un medicamento o tratamiento usando las oraciones de la caja

Eat spicy food

Stay in bed

Drink a cup of hot tea

Use some eye drops

Use some muscle cream

Go to the doctor

1.- I have sore eyes


2.- I have a backache


3.- I have a cold


4.- I have an earache


5.- I have a stomachache


6.- I have a fever


Exercise 3: Read the following patients symptoms and write a diagnosis or recommendation. Remember to use should or shouldn't / Ejercicio 3: Lee los siguientes síntomas de los pacientes y escribe un diagnóstico o recomendación. Recuerda usar should o shouldn’t

A.- I’m sneezing a lot, I have a runny nose, I have a sore throat and it itches but I’m not coughing and I don’t have a headache nor fever or body aches. What do I have, doctor? What should I do?

B.- I have a terrible stomachache, I feel sick, I think I will throw up at any moment. And I have a rash, my body itches everywhere! Please make it stop, give me some medicine now!

C.- I got a high fever, my body aches, I’m shivering and I have a strong headache. I’m also coughing a lot and I have difficulties breathing. I feel really tired. What is it? What would you recommend me to do?

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