Exercises Modulo 6.5.4

Situation: Mary goes to the doctor to know about her test results

Receptionist: Good afternoon, _________ (1) _________

Mary: My name is Mary Parker, I have an appointment at 3 pm.

Receptionist: Ok, thanks. _________ (2) _________.

Mary: Thank you very much.

Receptionist: Ms. Parker, _________ (3) _________

Dr.: Good afternoon, Ms. Parker. I have your test results with me.

Mary: Excellent. I hope everything is alright.

Dr.: Yes, everything seems to be ok. I only suggest that _________ (4) _________.

Mary: Does it mean my cholesterol level is high?

Dr.: It is very high.  _________ (5) _________

Mary: Alright. _________ (6) _________ to help lower my cholesterol level?

Dr.: You  _________ (7) _________  if you eat healthy

Mary: I agree with you doctor.  _________ (8) _________

Dr.: That should be enough.

Mary: Thank you doctor.









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