Exercises Modulo 7.1.4

Sara : Hi , mi name is Sara.

Josh : Hi, Sara ! Nice to meet you.

Sara :

Josh :  My name is Josh.

Sara : Nice to meet you, Josh. 

Josh :  .

Sara : Oh! Cool.

Josh : Where are ?

Sara: I am from Mexico.

Josh : I am 31 years old. How old are you?

Sara : I’m 25 years old.

Josh : Do you have any siblings?

Sara : Yes, I have three brothers. I don’t have any sisters.

Josh : Yes, I have one sister. I don’t have any brothers.

Sara : How old is your sister?

Josh : She is 22 years old.

Sara: ?

Josh : No, she lives with my parents in Guatemala.

Sara : Oh nice.

Josh : Yes, I am married. Are you married?

Sara : No , I am not married. I am single.

Josh : Yes, I have three children. I have one son and two daughters. Do you have any children?

Sara : No, I don’t have any children. What is your son’s name?

Josh : His name is Tony.

Sara : How old is he?

Josh : He is four years old.

Sara : I think it’s time for class. .

Josh : Okay Have a good day. Bye!

Sara : Bye!

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