Exercises Modulo 7.2.1

Complete the sentences with too or either

  1. I’m excited. I’m excited,.
  2. They aren’t working at the moment. We aren’t working, .
  3. I’m not angry. I’m not angry, .
  4. I’m leaving. I’m leaving, .
  5. Peter isn’t a good father. John isn’t a good father, .
  6. It was sunny on Saturday. It was sunny on Sunday, .
  7. Toronto is a nice city. Ottawa is a nice city, .
  8. Mike can’t drive a bus. She can’t drive a car, .
  9. I don’t like to go hiking. I don’t like to go hiking, .
  10. Patty’s mother is a lawyer. Her father is a lawyer, .


Answer with So ... I (So am I/ So do I/ So can I, etc.)

  1. I often go to the theater. So  I
  2. I visited my grandparents last summer. So  I. 
  3. I will be in Paris next year!  So  I
  4. I’m crazy for you. So  I. 
  5. I was very curious when I was a child.  So  I
  6. I’ve always loved this food. So  I 
  7. I need a lot of money. So  I. 
  8. I’ll be always with you. So  I . 
  9. I’ve lived in many places.  So  I
  10. I was really sorry for the trouble. So  I.


Answer with Neither +aux+subject

  1. I can’t buy a new car. .
  2. I don’t want to be with you. .
  3. I didn’t talk with her yesterday. .
  4. I wasn’t sure of my decision. .
  5. I haven’t been to New York yet. .
  6. I shouldn’t eat more junk food. .
  7. I’m not going to the party tonight .
  8. You won’t change my opinion. .
  9. I don’t have much money. .
  10. I wouldn’t cheat on you! .


Now let’s talk about things we like and don’t like.

I love learning new things!

I don’t like beetroot

I hate liars.

I dislike selfish people.

I adore surprises!

I prefer sunny days.

I can’t stand rock music.

I always appreciate a good film.

I like beautiful eyes.


Answer true sentences about yourself. If possible, use So....I or Neither.....I.

Look at these examples carefully:


Maria: I'm tired today.

You can say: So am I. (Or I’m not.)

Maria: I don’t work very hard.

You can say: Neither do I. (Or I do.)


Let’s begin...

  1. I’m studying a new language. .
  2. I can repair the TV. .
  3. I’m not vegetarian. .
  4. I like to ride my bike. .
  5. I don’t like horror movies. .
  6. I had a beautiful dream last night. .
  7. I’ve never traveled to Australia. .
  8. I don’t watch TV very often. .
  9. I’m leaving tomorrow night. .
  10. I wasn’t well last month. .
  11. I didn’t read last week. .
  12. I go to the cinema every month. .

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